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The Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) is a renewed European Union (EU) policy initiative to support the sustainable and effective adaptation of the education and training systems of EU Member States to the digital age.

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The following Digital Skills Programmes are available for 2022-2023
TitleProviderLevelDurationMode of StudyStart DateLocationCourse TypeFind Out More
Certificate in Residential Energy Retrofit ManagementTUS0815 weeks Blended20/Sep/22BlendedFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More
Certificate in Residential Energy Retrofit FabricTUS0815 weeksBlended20/Sep/22BlendedFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More
Higher Diploma in Residential Energy Retrofit ManagementTUS081 yearBlended20/Sep/22BlendedFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More
Certificate in Energy Renovation of Traditional BuildingsTUS0830 WeeksBlended23/Sep/22LimerickFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More
BSc Hons in Construction ManagementTUS084 yearsFulltimeLimerickUndergraduate CAOFind Out More
Construction Project ManagementTUS0610 WeeksOnlineOnlineFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More
MSc in Built Environment RegulationATU0918/30 MonthsBlended22/Sep/22GalwayFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More
Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Built Environment RegulationATU091-2 YearsBlended22/Sep/22GalwayFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More
Certificate in Fire SafetyATU091 YearBlended22/Sep/22GalwayFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More
Certificate in Built Environment RegulationATU0918 MonthsBlended22/Sep/22GalwayFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More
Building Information Modelling (BIM) with Revit MEPTUS0610 WeeksOnline01/Jan/22OnlineFlexible & ProfessionalFind Out More