Digital Academy for the Sustainable Built Environment

A hub for the upskilling, capacity building & education in the building sector on green construction, circular economy & digital skills.

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DASBE aims to be a hub for the provision of upskilling, capacity building and education to the building sector on green construction, circular economy and digital skills. 

DASBE is a unique collaboration of higher education institutes and industry partners with the shared aim to be agile and responsive to the upskilling needs of the contruction industry.

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DASBE Vision

DASBE intends to upskill the building sector on a range of topics including low energy buildings design to the application of Virtual Reality in building surveying by providing programmes from Level 6 to Level 9 on the NFQ.

DASBE will create a Digital Platform to enable learners to undertake a range of programmes ranging from micro-accreditation (including digital badges), Special Purpose Awards (Certificates), and Minor and Major awards focusing on specific topics, needs and requirements in the sector. 

DASBE will utilise a network of national and international experts in the sustainable building sector thus enabling access to international research drawn from DASBE network of collaborators. DASBE will also connect past, current and future R&D activities with education and training activities to ensure that participants and learners are exposed to leading expertise, knowledge and data with relevant fields.


Our Courses

The following are just some of the courses available in 2021/2022


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Our Partners

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