Postgraduate Certificate in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Leadership



1 Year






Programme Overview

The Certificate in Building Information Management (BIM) and Digital Leadership is a programme that will directly respond to a significant gap in national and international educational provision related to digital leadership across the built environment value chain. The programme will provide a flexible, multidisciplinary and industry-focused programme that will empower graduates to lead the transition towards a collaborative, digitalised built environment.

This course uses a work-based research learning practice. Each student will gain a broader knowledge, both National and International, on forward thinking strategies which can be applied to their interests and situation. Students will use model based analytical tools and process analysis tools to improve their organisations understanding of the potential of BIM.

The expectation is that each student will become a BIM Leader within their organisation and have a clear set of skills to strategically develop BIM in their organisation or Practice.

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For point of contact and additional information in relation to this programme, please contact the registering provider Atlantic Technological University.

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