Certificate in Residential Retrofit Site Coordination

The aim of the Certificate in Residential Retrofit Site Coordination programme is to up-skill building workers and crafts to develop knowledge and skills that allow them to deliver high-quality, energy-efficient carbon-neutral retrofits to existing residential buildings whilst complying with Ireland’s current Building Regulations.

Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Environmental Infrastructure

This is a flagship programme bringing together the key strands of ‘Green Engineering’, bridging the economics and regulatory aspects of sustainable engineering with a focus on technical implementation of environmental infrastructure and its impact on communities..

Master of Engineering in Energy Infrastructure

This programme is designed to arm learners with the knowledge and imbue them with the practical skills for the construction, analysis and management of energy infrastructure projects.

Certificate in Scan to Building Information Modeling (BIM)

This 15 credit Scan to BIM certificate, is just one of a number of Special Purpose Awards (SPA’s) being offered leading to the award of a Higher Diploma in Virtual Design & Construction (VDC). It aims to educate students in the process of digitally capturing a physical space, site or physical object using drones, laser scanning and photogrammetry and using the resultant images to create virtual models or 3D printed replicas.