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Living Lab Project

To support the creation of a National Digital Academy, a number of living labs (online and physical) are to be established where educators and learners have access to simulations and also real-world energy performance data. VR and BIM tools will be utilized to enhance and support the development of the living labs advancing knowledge and learning through the digital world.
LivingLab 1
Image Source: Drone photo by Jonathan Blackmore

Current Status:

In Development

Project Description

Around Europe the concept of ‘Living Labs’ has emerged as an instrument to integrate these different aspects to deliver sustainability improvements, through engaging multiple stakeholders in all of these areas, and through the co-creation of projects to improve the sustainability of the campus environment and operations, and to link these to the education, research, and wider community missions of the institution.

DASBE seeks to create a National Digital Academy the enables the Construction Industry, SMEs, Manufacturers and Workers to upskill and gain new knowledge in a cost effective, worker centric learning environment. The DASBE approach is to develop individual living labs within each campus, but working collaboratively to ensure frameworks and implementation are cohesive and addresses the needs in education and the wider community across all campuses.  

As a living shared, framework and learning system, the Living Labs framework will adapt and develop over time and within different contexts and needs.  

  1. What leads to appropriate educational outcomes? For staff and students 
  2. Is data relevant and appropriate? Use by estates, education and community 
  3. how best to integrate the research process and estates data?  
  4. how to communicate effectively with various stakeholders to boost a socio-ecological approach? 

Project Phases

Physical Living Labs

It is envisaged that physical living labs are to be established across all 3 campuses sharing information, collaborating on themes and informing students and educators on:  

  • To advance digital development and digital twin within the entire campus.  
  • To integrate a living lab solution and AR tools to enable the DASBE team to facilitate learning on key topics in an innovative way. 
  • To engage with relevant research activities on the design, development and evaluation of blended and online programmes for the construction sector including the use of learning analytics, gamification etc. 
  • Collaborate with FET apprenticeship programmes.

Project Gallery

Thurles Campus
Image Source: Jonathan Blackmore

Next Steps:

The Living Lab approach aims to use research conducted within DASBE and each educational campus to advance sustainability and digital principles across different levels of impact: the TU’s estate and operations; the educational curriculum; across the technological university and wider community; and society. We must have a deeper understanding of what works and what does not work, to successfully move forward and integrate the sustainability and digital principles across all campus operations and the built environment. 

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