Bachelor of Science (Ordinary) in Architectural Technology

Masters in Sustainable Energy System Management

As a student of Architectural Technology you will be encouraged to appreciate the concepts of architectural design and apply technical design principles in the development of a building to meet the project brief, the regulatory requirements for the building and the performance requirements for environmental and energy efficiency.

Bachelor of Engineering (Ordinary) in Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering is a broad field dealing with energy efficiency, energy product design and services, facility management, plant engineering, environmental compliance, and alternative energy technologies. The main job of an Energy Engineer is to find the most efficient and sustainable way to power our homes, businesses and industrial processes

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Construction Management is a very rewarding career with lots of action and the satisfaction of seeing real results that transform design drawings and models into real buildings, roads or bridges

B.Sc. in Construction Health & Safety

The aim of this programme is to give the students an academically challenging educational experience that will enable them to develop the knowledge base, professional attitudes, leadership skills, commercial awareness and the skills necessary for the management of health and safety and its associated technologies to serve both the construction industry and society. The programme also aims to provide the student with the opportunity to develop skills for lifelong learning.