B.Sc. in Construction Health & Safety



1 Year






Programme Overview

The aim of this programme is to give the students an academically challenging educational experience that will enable them to develop the knowledge base, professional attitudes, leadership skills, commercial awareness and the skills necessary for the management of health and safety and its associated technologies to serve both the construction industry and society. The programme also aims to provide the student with the opportunity to develop skills for lifelong learning.

To achieve this aim, the following objectives have been set:

  • Acquisition of the skills necessary for the management of health and safety and its associated technologies.
  • Contribute to the construction process in a manner that sustains and enhances both the natural and the built environments by improving the culture of safety and imbedding an understanding and appreciation of its value.
  • The development of individual initiative, to encourage an imaginative approach to the solution of problems and to promote leadership qualities, as well as encouraging students to be successful team members and to communicate effectively.
  • The provision of a rigorous study of a broadly based core of modules.
  • The establishment of a thorough understanding of construction health and safety issues at design and site level with particular reference to site practice, design office practice, quality, safety and value for money.
  • The cultivation of a practical understanding of the construction industry and of the management of organisations and projects, having regard to the importance of buildings to clients, users and the wider community.

Upon completion the student will be a fully rounded graduate; intellectually competent to self direct their learning and fully empowered to continue their professional development.

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For point of contact and additional information in relation to this programme, please contact the registering provider Technological University of the Shannon.

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