Higher Diploma in Construction Data Capture and Analytics

Today’s construction industry is highly interdependent and diverse. The complex processes now required to deliver large infrastructure projects requires an understanding of a range of interdisciplinary conceptsfor its design, construction, operation and maintenance – key to this is the collection and interpretation of relevant construction survey data. This programme is designed to arm learners with […]

Higher Diploma in Engineering in Building Information Modelling

This programme is designed as a direct response to the skill and competency needs of the construction industry. The Higher Diploma in Engineering in BIM programme has completed a pilot phase with construction industry partners and is now being offered as a full-time programme in ATU. The delivery of the programme is designed to allow participants to stay in the work-place while completing this two-year post-graduate award.

Higher Diploma in Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM has changed the way industry professionals worldwide think about how technology can be applied to building design, construction, and management. BIM also supports the continuous and immediate availability of project design, scope, schedule, and cost information that is high quality, reliable, integrated, and fully coordinated.

Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering

This work-based programme developed in collaboration with Engineers Ireland and employers will allow graduates to meet the Engineers Ireland educational requirements such that students can apply for Chartered Engineer after a minimum of three years experience and an accredited Masters (Level 9).