PGDip in Environmental Infrastructure



12 months






Programme Details

This is a flagship programme bringing together the key strands of ‘Green Engineering’, bridging the economics and regulatory aspects of sustainable engineering with a focus on technical implementation of environmental infrastructure and its impact on communities..

Environmental Infrastructure is the branch of engineering practice that provides energy management, safe water supply, waste disposal, and pollution control services to protect human health and safeguard the environment and our communities.

To meet the societal need for qualified competence in planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure systems in soil and water, this programme promotes the personal development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed to start working as a professional in the field of infrastructure and environmental engineering. An important task is to be knowledgeable and responsible for the interface between urban development and the environment.

Planning, Process & Environmental Regs.
Sustainable Energy Systems
Industrial Ecology and Waste Management
Sustainable Water Engineering
Community Energy Development
Resource Economics
Innovation & Project Management
Intelligent Design & Modelling
Research Methods
Work Placement & Professional Practice

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Status: Open

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