Certificate in Near Zero Energy Building (nZEB)



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This programme is to provide students with an introduction to sustainable building design and in particular approaches required to achieve Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standards by addressing building fabric, air tightness and ventilation and integration of renewable energy systems. The programme focuses specifically on the residential sector.

• Describe the key energy principles pertaining to NZEB and outline current and best practice and procedures in the context low energy buildings.
• Explain the relationship between building fabric, building services, ventilation and air tightness as applied to near zero, and low energy buildings
• Calculate energy performance of NZEB using appropriate calculation methodologies and tools
• Compare and contract energy performance characteristics and identify factors which improve energy performance in buildings
• Select design methodologies and execute a design modification to meet NZEB standards
• Outline the wider social, political, business and economic context relevant to near zero energy buildings.

The programme will be delivered online with a total of 2 Saturday sessions for site visits and design tutorials arranged in advance during the delivery period. The course duration is 8 months.
Each 5 credits will normally equate to approximately 100 Total Learning Hours. Total Learning Hours includes the time you spend in class (lectures, tutorials, practical elements) and the time you spend completing work outside of college
There will be no final examination, but the programme is assessed using formal academic procedures. Assessment will be carried out through a combination of Case Studies, Online Exams and engagement in online activities.

Module 1: Passive Solar and Sustainable Building Design

Module 2: Air Tightness and Ventilation

Module 3: Small Scale Renewable Energy Systems

Module 4: NZEB Project

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