Certificate in Energy Renovation of Traditional Buildings



30 Weeks






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This programme is presented with the Heritage Council and designed to upskill those working specifically on the renovation of traditionally built buildings (pre 1940s), with a particular focus on specification of energy use reduction measures and building defects detection and analysis.

The aim of this programme is to provide learners with the relevant knowledge and skills to operate in this sector and ensure such buildings undergo energy renovations in a safe and sustainable manner. This Certificate enables energy efficient retrofitting of traditional buildings by understanding the principles of hydroscopic materials and appropriate retrofitting methodologies and using digital tools and technologies to assess and determine solutions. This programme is part-time Over 30 weeks

Fees paid by student

€800 (reduced from €1220 with DASBE funding support)

Certificate in Energy Renovation for Traditional Buildings (Special Purpose Award, Level 8, 10 ECTS)

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